Total Instruments Delivered
Music4Life has delivered 251 instruments valued at $98,502 to its 11 participating public school districts since Sept. 1, 2021. All instrument values are estimated by our independent third-party vendor-experts. Intended for use by the students of income-qualified families, each instrument must be returned when the student leaves the school district (graduation, family moves to another school district, etc.) so another student can benefit from its use.

Major Grant from 4Culture
4culture logo 4Culture (formerly the Seattle/King County Arts Commission) provides an annual sustaining grant to Music4Life for its operations in King County. Due to the pandemic, other funds have become available that allow a one-time grant of $11,500. As usual, these funds will be used to support our seven Chapters in King County based on the relative financial productivity of each of their Chapter teams.

Superintendent Bids Farewell
picture of susan enfield "Thank you ... I am grateful for all you have done for our students over the years. It has been a pleasure working with you (Highline Music4Life)."
So says Superintendent Susan Enfield as she leaves Highline Public Schools to everyone's great regret after ten-plus years at its helm to pursue other educational leadership opportunities. Not all superintendents are anywhere nearly as beloved as Superintendent Susan has become. Our very best wishes go with you, Superintendent Susan!

Highline Schools Foundation Support
Highline Music4Life President Cathy Thompson reports that the Highline Schools Foundation has renewed its financial support for the Highline program with a grant of $5,000. All funds will be used, of course, exclusively to benefit students attending Highline Public Schools. In addition to Music4Life, the Highline Foundation provides direct support for students, families, classrooms and schools in the Highline district. The Foundation also welcomes new Executive Director Fred Swanson as it bids adieu to Anne Gillingham.

Windermere Program Produces
windermere sign reading donate instruments to music4life Our program with the Windermere Real Estate offices in Western Washington has resulted in more than three dozen "lovingly used" musical instruments donated to Music4Life. Windermere brokers & agents use the affiliation with Music4Life to enhance their client relationships as one example of Windermere's involvement in the community. Three offices were active in this year's effort: Edmonds, Seward Park and Shoreline (see photo), the latter alone producing more than two dozen instruments! Thanks to Shoreline Owner/Broker Theresa Alston. Many thanks again to Windermere President Jill Wood, as well as to Scott Mickelson of the corporate office.

Everett Donor Buys Tuba
picture of tuba The Seagull Band Boosters have provided resources for the purchase of a new Yamaha four-valve tuba (Editor's Note: Be still my heart!!) that will go to the Everett High School band. Ted Brown Music won the RFP for purchase of the instrument. After set-up and delivery for in-processing to Everett P.S., the tuba will be welcomed by band director Megan Vinther for use by her First Chair tuba player each year.

SnoCo Arts Commission Grant
The Snohomish County Arts Commission has provided a grant of $2,000 to Music4Life. These funds will be used to benefit students attending the four public school districts in Snohomish County (Edmonds, Everett, Marysville & Northshore) based on the relative financial productivity or each Chapter's team. Many thanks to SnoCo Arts! Other public school districts are welcome to benefit from Music4Life next year and beyond.

All Music4Life Instruments Are Loaners
It's very important to remember that all instruments provided by Music4Life, whether repaired or new, are on-loan to students. They're NOT owned by the students. There's a complicated legal reason for this. But our essential purpose is to provide instruments for use by students of families in-need. We encourage school districts to tell the kids they may use the instruments for any in- or out-of-school musical activities as long as they're enrolled in the school district. If they leave for any reason (graduation, family moves out of the district, etc.), the instrument must be returned to the school district so another student may benefit from its use. Most Music4Life instruments have a remaining useful life of three-to-five years, sometimes more. Ultimately, several students are likely to benefit from the use of each instrument.