Total Instruments Delivered
Music4Life™ finished its fiscal year on August 31st with the delivery of 99.9% of musical instrument values compared with the previous 12 months. This was despite having just six months to get it all done. We delivered 240 full-sized musical instruments since Sept. 1, 2019 to our ten public school districts for use by students qualifying for free or reduced cost school meals. The total "fair market value" of these 240 instruments and related materials is $157,099. All instrument values are according to our independent third-party vendor-experts.

Leadership for Edmonds Music4Life
Former Edmonds Mayor Dave Earling has agreed to serve as president of the Edmonds Music4Life Booster Club. "Mayor Dave" (as we admiringly refer to him) served as the Mayor of Edmonds for the last eight years and a total of 21 years of service to the City of Edmonds. Previously, he had owned a real estate firm, but was best known as the founder of the instrumental music program at Shoreline Community College. What he started there with 34 concert band students had grown to about 200 when he left 11 years later. Joining Mayor Dave on the Edmonds booster club will be Admiral Bill Center, US Navy Ret. and 2006-07 President of Seattle Downtown Rotary. They will be assisted in their new duties by Ken Noreen and Dennis Ashbrook, two noted instrumental music educators now retired from Shoreline Public Schools. Local enthusiasts who share our values of "kids," "instrumental music" or "education" are welcome to serve on the Edmonds booster club, too (click here). Welcome aboard, Mayor Dave and Admirable Bill!

OneHope Wines
OneHope Wines continues as our year-long effort to raise funds to repair musical instruments for kids. The Napa Valley winery that was built on hope and rooted in purpose about a dozen years ago to help local and national non-profit causes to deliver on their promises. In the process, the OneHope Wine Foundation has delivered more than $5 million to worthy non-profits. Music4Life recently began a collaboration with OneHope to provide year-long financial support to each of our ten school district-based booster clubs, or to the global Music4Life parent organization. Ten percent of qualified wine purchases at OneHope are delivered to the Music4Life booster club of your choice. Wines are ordered and paid for online and then delivered right to your door, a real convenience during these quarantine times. (NOTE: An adult must be available to sign for the delivered wines.) Each separate booster club Program is renewable every month. Patsy of our Northshore Program says, "The wine is quite good! Enjoyed a nice Cabernet just last night." Tell your friends who might also be willing to support Music4Life while drinking some of the world's best wine.

Booster Club Feature: Kent
The Music4Life booster club supporting Kent Public Schools is our second newest public school district-based Program. During its first two years, this booster club has been responsible for bringing 65 full-sized musical instruments and other musical equipment valued at $38,117 to Kent Public Schools. Coldwell Banker Baines real estate broker Linda Mackintosh leads the group. Other members of the Kent Music4Life Booster Club include (by last-name alpha) Kent Station Marketing Manager Cynthia Boyd, the Kent Community Foundation's Brenda Farwell, Don Gregory of the Kent Rotary Club, Allyson Johnson of the Kent Schools Foundation, senior-level music teacher Dr. Chris White, Harry Williams of the Kent Rotary Club and his wife Marge Williams of the Kent Sunrise Rotary Club. Others are welcome to join us. MANY THANKS to all our Kent booster club friends!

End of Year Reports Available Soon
End-of-year Donations Reports have already been provided to our booster clubs. The more formal year-end progress reports are being prepared now for e-distribution to every active booster club member soon. These will take into account that both schools and repair shops were closed for nearly the last six months. Ready-to-play instruments were delivered again starting in August

Annual Reports Also Available Soon
The Music4Life Annual Report that's intended for public consumption is also being prepared. Considering the pandemic, this should be a doozy! It will cover all our activities during the 2019-20 school year.

Gifts in Memory of (friends)
Donations honoring the service or memory of individuals you know may be made online or by credit card. Any size donation is welcome.