Total Instruments Delivered
Music4Life finished the 2020-21 fiscal year by providing 298 ready-to-play musical instruments valued at $145,632 to its 11 participating public school districts. This was an increase from the 240 instruments the previous year. All instrument values are according to our independent third-party vendor-experts. Intended for use by the students of income-qualified families, each instrument must be returned when the student leaves the school district (graduation, family moves to another school district, etc.) so another student can benefit from its use. The current year is off to a fast start with 79 instruments valued at $29,113 provided thru the end of December, not yet counting the 64 ukuleles (see Yamane below) delivered to our Everett program by month's end.

Blues 'n Brews Nets BIG-time for Music4Life
Poverty Bay Blues & Brew, August 28th, 2021 photo of beer bottles The 2021 Poverty Bay "Blues ‘n Brews Festival" returned in late August to great applause as home-bound celebrants returned to what was for many their first foray in a long time back to in-person gatherings. "A production of the Des Moines / Normandy Park Rotary Club, all of the net proceeds help power the beneficiaries of this Rotary Club, including the Highline Music4Life program and numerous others," says Cathy Thompson, president of Highline Music4Life. After a year-off caused by the pandemic, this was a fantastic event to re-connect with friends. "The spirit of local community service inspires our work," President Cathy says.

Yamane Family Foundation Helps Kids
The Kazuo & Mary Yamane Family Foundation has gifted another 64 ukuleles, this time to four Everett public schools, which will be delivered this month. These are in addition to the 60 ukuleles already delivered to the Highline School District. The Yamane Family Foundation, with its strong roots in Hawaii, believes that the ukulele is a great instrument to begin a student's journey into the wonderful world of music. How well the Yamane Family remembers the magic of strumming a ukulele in school! Music4Life works with local music store vendors to get discounted prices. MANY thanks to the Kazuo & Mary Yamane Family Foundation for giving students the opportunity of experiencing the joy of music, starting with ukuleles.

Encore Media Group
cello picture with Providing musical instruments to public school students in need wordingIf you're one of many who've received their Covid vaccinations and have started attending live concerts again, you may begin noticing the Music4Life ads that are appearing in concert programs. Encore Media Group produces the printed and digital programs for many of the top arts organizations in the Puget Sound area and provides these ads in-kind to Music4Life. "We're always glad to learn that these ads inspire many musical instrument and financial donations to Music4Life," says Encore president (and long-time friend) Paul Heppner. As they say, Encore!!

Kent Music4Life Fund Raiser
Kent Cellists The Kent Music4Life Chapter implemented its first-ever fund raiser at the start of our new fiscal year (always starts each Sept. 1st). The live, in-person event featured two professional musicians from the Auburn Symphony Orchestra. Proceeds are being used to pay for repairs to the musical instruments delivered this year to Kent Public Schools for use by students in-need. Attendees and financial donors included the new Interim Superintendent of Kent Public Schools, Israel Vela. Kent Music4Life President Allyson Johnson says thanks to Cynthia Boyd, Linda Mackintosh, Brenda Farwell and all the others who helped organize this successful kick-off event.

You Don’t Have to Be Local to Help!
Music4Life receives many "lovingly used" musical instruments and financial help from donors throughout the greater Puget Sound area. One of the many benefits of the virtual environment, however, is that you don’t have to be local to help. We've just received our first financial donation from Vern of Yorktown, Virginia! Music4Life was created in 2007 to help kids of needy families. Many also are at-risk. As you might well guess, there's no geographical limitation to where such kids are found. Meaning, we're willing to come your way, Vern! Many thanks

Instrument Repair Shops Are All Backed-up
One of the unfortunate temporary(?) outcomes of the pandemic is that instrument repair shops are all backed-up because of the difficulty in finding (and hiring!) qualified repair technicians. This is the case for all of our current vendors. Musical instruments need repair even if they've been sitting unused for a while. As most schools return to some form of in-person classes, our need for ready-to-play musical instruments increases even as repair shops struggle to recover.

The Passing of Marge Williams
Picture of Marge Williams Music4Life is sad to tell you of the passing of Marge Williams of the Kent Music4Life Chapter. Marge, along with husband Harry Williams, was there as we created the Kent Music4Life Chapter and an eager participant in its all activities. Marge was a long-time member of the Kent Sunrise Rotary Club and an incredibly valued and loving member of our Kent team. We miss you so much already, Marge!